ProNano Power Foam

ProNano Power Foam

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ProNano Power Foam is a single-phase, extremely efficient product that is designed for contactless, scratch free cleaning of large industrial machines. ProNano Power Foam cleans and degreases heavy pollution. Due to the effect of the Nano Technology, this product also removes static pollution.

Usage & Mixing ratio:

For high pressure method: (snow foam method):

250 ml of ProNano Power Foam and 750ml of water (in 1L cup). Shake it well before use. Spray the vehicle from the bottom to the top, wait 2 - 3 minutes and rinse it off thoroughly using the high pressure washer.

With 1L ProNano Power Foam (concentrated) you can clean 4 trucks and trailers, 16 - 18 cars, using the high pressure method.


For low pressure method: (doesn’t create foam):

50ml of ProNano Power Foam and 950ml of water (in 1L cup).